Tuesday, June 21, 2011

MIB - Muji in Black

I went selling at a Bazaar last week. And it has been the most assuring one I've been to so far, as there were people who REALLY look at my work and buy them. Strangers for crying out loud! ^^

Anyways, this transformed Muji below is one of my productions that I made to sell at the bazaar and a lady bought it! She bought it for her daughter who loves to write and currently studying in another city for the first year. So thoughtful of her to send her something sweet. She requested that I hand stamp some encouraging quotes inside for her. So I took it back, stamped the inside, added her name (to make it special) and sew a packaging bag as well. Hope Hazirah will like it.
Muji in Black ^^
Customized with her name. Starting to fall in love with pearls, influenced by Marlene and Liza I think ^^
Hand stamped quotes inside
Semi Transparent Bag to Hold the Book
Finished with a tag
With a blank backside so she can write a note for her daughter maybe


Jaime Lee said...

How sweet, Sheerah! I love all your 'QUOTE'. Did you by them or custom it from here :)

Jaime Lee said...
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vivacela said...

Tudiah...Ur MUJI here!! Wow. Hws biz at the bazaar? U noe...u hv lotsa quotes. where u bought em ar?

If i were tht gal, i dun think i can write on z book. Too precious to write on. :P

I like ur tagler. The flower stamp apa brand ar babe?