Friday, June 3, 2011

Somethin' for My Baby Sister

I promised my sister to handmade a diary for her. Meant to handmade the whole thing actually, sewing the pages and everything, but figured won't be able to make it in time for my mum to bring her tomorrow. So ended up dressed up one of my favourite MUJI notebook. Kinda messed up the cover a bit with inconsistent stamping. But still made with all my heart. Can't wait for her to get it tomorrow ^^
playing with my flower punch, love it to bits ^^
customized for her ONLY
A really cute stamp ^^
Hand stamped verses inside on every page
One of my favourite verse
Made with lotsa love .... missing her terribly as usual

03 June 2011: She received it! Yayy! ^^


Liza Yon said...

ohmy goodness... that is the sweetest little book!!! ur sister is gonna LOVE it :) hugs...

vivacela said...

omg...Hw lucky ur sis is! Getting a handmade and stamped (everypage mia) diary! Jealous jealous jealous >.<

Haha..Sheerah the diary is perfectly done! Keep it up! *wink*

(Btw..the flower u stacked up, the utmost biggest petal is also a punch? not a border punch?)