Saturday, June 4, 2011

Met up a New Friend!

Met up with a new friend 2 days ago ^^ . This is Vivien, one of my mum's partners. And guess what? She's a fellow scrapbooker as well! Been hearing a lot about her from my mum and finally we meet. Hope we can play together soon! :)
Before we meet, I quickly made her this notebook. Was told by my mum she likes things rugged. We have the same taste! How cool is that? ^^
The Cover
Using the [rock & roll] technique learnt from Liza ^^
Customizing with her name (seriously loving that Billboard die)
Hand stamped verses on the pages again. (She is also a sister ^^)
Used some tracing paper to do the packaging
Outcome turns out to be quite pleasant i think :)


vivacela said...

Sheerah! I like it! Nice! Chup..wat is rock n roll technique?

Ya noe..i like hw u stamp each page with verses? It really makes this journal meaning ful ^_^
Muahaha...glad u met a new fren who scraps! I guess i will see some LO from you soon?

Auntie Mreen said...

tq girl for taking the effort to meet my friend with such a nice and thoughtful gift. I think she is going to be crazy scrapping with all the stuff she's bought once you start to show her how :)

aV said...

i am so blessed in receiving this wonderful gift from you. with the verses, the nbook serves a constant reminder to always do it for the Lord.

yup, yup yup i think i'd go krazie once you show me how... hahahah

Krazie for the Lord