Monday, September 28, 2009

Grandma met up with her Kawan (Miri Life Part 10)

16.09.09 Wednesday
I brought grandma with me to one of my favourite kolo mee stall. Other than craving for the food there, I intended to bring grandma meet up with her friend, the owner of that stall. Grandma seem very happy and excited got to meet her friend. They talked and laughed a lot. She keep encouraging my grandma to join the elderly fellowship in church, which I was very glad. She even offered to pick her up and drive her home if she would go. Actually she didn't take NO as an answer and just concluded that she would go and pick her up. LOL. And on top of the wonderful breakfast and funny conversations, we had breakfast on the house!... I thank God that grandma has such a wonderful 'kawan'

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