Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Randoms (Miri Life Part 14)

21.09.09 Monday
Daddy and mummy seem to enjoy having tea in the garden. They invited some friends over for tea again. One of them is in the tree plucking rambutans. hehehe...
And that night, my mum steamed a very special food for me. This was made by my aunt. Mum told me that its a traditional food and the recipe is brot down by my grandma, whom i never got to meet. Its glutinous rice stuffed in pitcher's plant. My aunt even purposely travel to the indonesian border to buy the giant pitcher's plant. Tasted like 'chang'.


Rachfaith said...

looks like vine leaf

sheerah said...

wat is vine leaf? hahaha. this is the giant 'monkey cup'... hehe..