Monday, September 28, 2009

Lunch @ Grandma's Again (Miri Life Part 13)

21.09.09 Monday Afternoon
Grandma purposely made some 'Yong Ai Gua" (smthing like Yong Taufu, but instead of Tofu, she uses brinjal). So, we had lunch at her place again :) Also, she knew Chia was in town and invited him to come over too. Not only we had grandma's special dish, there was also Dad's 4kg Tutu fish! I love steamed fish and miss it very much. Mum's cooking made it even better. It was a great lunch.
A candid video after lunch. You'll see my sis asking stupid questions and my grandma 'scolding' me :P
Chia took some pictures of grandma's garden
I love this picture ^^

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