Monday, September 28, 2009

Luzhou Youth Night (Miri Life Part 11)

16.09.09 Wednesday evening
Marlene ajak me to go to luzhou's youth night today. And so I did, bringing along a whole kampung...(my mum, my sis and cousin). Man, they got lotsa stuff to 'play' - so many that I could only manage little time for each activity. First we spent some time popetting in the office, seeing Ahui performing his magic, cheating people again. LOL. Then we were free to join a series of other activities - jamming, table tennis, karaoke, board games etc..... Too bad I only got to join them for one night. More pictures here.
Calvin introducing people
Ahui 'cheating' people again.... ~~~

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Ah Sian said...

waseh...u post the video! OMG 我的丑态百出咯~