Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Breakfast with U. Dan (Miri Life Part 15)

23.09.09 Wednesday Morning
Went to breakfast with Uncle Dan Gogo and his family at the coffee shop by the lake. Yes, our relationship is complicated. I'm calling him Uncle Dan and Gogo (meaning brother) at the same time. Hahaha. How did that turn out to be like this? Well you can check that out with my mum and grandma. ^^ Uncle Dan has been someone in my life and part of the family since I was a kid. He saw us grow up, and we saw him from being a bachelor, to getting married and having kids. He has always been a great and handy helper too whenever we needed something to be fixed in the house. Hehehe. It was great catching up :)

Neways, just some random shots. Oh, I saw Jay Chou's milk tea!! But I was too busy talking that I forgot to buy when we left. Awww.... my Jay Chou~~~~ whu whu~~~~~

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