Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Card Making for MGC Love Station (Miri Life Part 16)

23.09.09 Wednesday Morning
After breakfast, Tiffany and Ivan followed us back home while their daddy went to run some errands. I was making cards for Miri Gospel Chapel's Love Station. So i thought why not get them involved. I'm never very good with kids as I have no patience. :P But two is ok I thought. And so I got them to help out and they amazed me. Seven year old Tiffany figured out how to use the corner punch by herself! I didn't know how to use it until I was in university man! They did fight over doing everything a bit, but overall things were under control and the outcome is very satisfactory. I'm very proud of them! ^^

I made 80 cards in total for the love station. You can view more pictures of my cards here. Thank you Marlene for shooting the pictures :) If you are scratching your head wondering what a love station is, click here to learn more :)

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