Monday, September 28, 2009

Paper Making Again (Miri Life Part 12)

21.09.09 Monday
Went to grandma's place for lunch today. Purposely went earlier to spend some time with her. While waiting for the rest of the family to arrive, I took out my recycle papers I got from luzhou (thanks for Meigu!) and started cutting and tearing while chit chatting with her. I got her to help out too! ^^
After lunch, mum, sis and chia joined in to help. I think this is a good simple activity to get everybody involved. Its a good use of chit chatting / tv-watching time. While relaxing, we are contributing something that is environmental friendly. And its so simple it can involve almost everybody - old or young... even kids can tear paper up!
After getting the papers torn up, I went to Marlene's house to make the papers. Because of the 'good' paper qualities, we spent extra time smashing up the papers. Haha. Though it took longer time, the overall the process was successful, and we had about 8-9 pieces of papers I think. We spilted our 'harvest'. Hahaha... Can't wait to make something beautiful out of my "pretty meh?" (as how some people call it) papers. LOL...More pictures here

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