Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Card Making with Marlene Again (Miri Life Part 17)

23.09.09 Wednesday Afternoon
Went to Marlene's house 'again' to return her tools and also to hand her the love station cards. Visiting Marlene's house used to be an annual family thingy during Chinese New Year. I remembered being excited to see the peacocks then ^^ Neways, for this holiday, I lose count of the times I visited her place. Haha.

Chun Sian came over too to make some cards. He wanted to make some thank you cards for his grandma who wanted to use them to thank the people who cared and prayed while his grand dad was sick. The thought is so sweet and so are the cards.
Then we goofed around a bit while taking group pictures. I tried to look like Chun Sian. What do you think? How many % alike? Haha.
Then we had our serious group photo. Hehehe.
I needed to make a wedding card for daddy. Thanks to Marlene, I got to make another nice card at her place. I really have fun playing with her stuff ^^ She says the cards I make using her tools got her style a bit. I think so too. My first monotone card! hahaha... I'm happy with this!


Ah Sian said...

should have 60%alike...haha..u knw wat...some fren ask me is tat my gf?? same hair style wit me...lolz..@@

Sheerah said...

hahahahaha....ur fren funny la...