Monday, May 10, 2010

Rest Day 10.05.10

Having some other schedules to run to, I couldnt spend much time with grandma today. However, still glad I manage to squeeze out some time for her. Went to her place for lunch and took her out to buy some stuff. I love grandma's home cooked food :)
Got a busy week ahead, mainly because I agreed to help out in a praise worship workshop organized by Luzhou. After moving back to Miri, I've been reluctant to serve. But then, I remembered serving is an opportunity. It's not whether 'I want to' serve or not, it's whether 'God wants to' use me or not. Lord, please forgive me for my selfishness.

So after time with grandma, got home for some last minute preparation on this....... I know I'm nobody and I don't have enough to offer. However, will try my best. Lord, you know I'm willing.
Orait, so much for my quiet lone time today. Time to get into the crowd. Ready? LET'S GO!!

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