Monday, May 17, 2010

Angel-sent Gifts

Marlene found some Miri-made recycled papers in Jazz Fes and it's so sweet of her to share what she bought with me ^^ and she bought a card for me too! I really have a thing for recycled papers and I've got plenty of ideas for them too. If only I got more rest days to experiment them! haha. Check out the cut out pattern, the texture and the colors..... love every bit of them~!.... but most of all, I love the encouragement and warmth i feel wrapped inside this card. Thank you Marlene, for always being such an angel :D

1 comment:

marlene said...

the papers very fine hor... Sorry been very busy... bila can go yamcha with you again leh? :) Glad you like it :) Hope to see some new cards from these papers :) I am going to try out one tonight :)