Monday, May 17, 2010

Randoms #3

These are some randoms that I find too precious to forget :)

Random 1 (4th May 2010):
Dad had tea with an ex partner (and friend) and found out this friend of his helps out with the needy in his church. Right after he come back from tea, dad arranged to get a few packs of rice to contribute to his ministry. It's not much but I think its the thought that counts. I thank God for such a generous dad :D
Random 2 (5th May 2010):
Mum prepared breakfast. Being an owl, its rare to see her get up so early to prepare breakfast. She prepared garlic toast with fried egg and mushroom. And of course, a cup of Nescafe to go with that. Perfect to get the morning started! :D
Random 3 (7th May 2010):
Got back home late today after closing to find this on the table. Sweetest thing - the note :) Stuff underneath? White carrot soup...... I loooovvveee soup..... and its still warm. Mum must have warmed it before she went to bed.
And the stuff packed in the plastic? Beef burger~!! And this is no ordinary mamak style burger, its KFCK (kinky fat chef kitchen). I've heard of them for a while now for having some superb homemade burgers, and been wanting to try them out. Thanks to my sweet little sister, I got to taste the best home style burger today. What makes it so awesome is that you can taste that this burger is delicately made, from the meat to the sauce and the perfection of their toast :) No joke guys, my sister waited an hour for her burgers. So, it's recommended to call before you go. :D
Mirians who are interested can check them out @:
Lot 668, Piasau Jaya Lorong 1A, Piasau Phase 1
Tel: 016 525 1208
Sun - Thurs: 4pm-10pm
Fri-Sat: 4pm-11pm

Random 4 (15th May 2010):
Hungry back home from closing. Mum cooked instant mee. And things got better with fried egg :D Mmmmmmm~~~~~~ Feels super pampered.
All in all, I thank God for my family.

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