Monday, May 3, 2010

Rest Day 03.05.10

Rest day started noon again as I was closing the day before :p After brushing up and having 'breakfast', Mum and I accompanied grandma to choose a present for her grand daughter in law to be. It's a tradition in the chinese culture to give some kind of gold accessory during weddings. For the groom side, grandma want to choose a gift to present to her during the tea ceremony as a welcoming gesture. The present chosen is nothing trendy nor stylish but I think its sweet, and I think its thoughtful. Welcome to the family, Chris (in advance). We're looking forward :) And hope you'll like the gift Popo chose personally for you.
Afterwards, we went jalan jalan and grab some snacks. Popo belanja me sweet corn ^^
And for dinner we went to Pete's deli to have some goooooodddd roastin' chicken, perfect mash, and some other wonderful western delicacies. Grandma's treat :)

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