Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Preparation

Today, on Mother's Day, grandma asked me and my sis what we are getting our mom. My sis said: "I'm baking cake!" and I said: "I'm making cards!" Hehehe. Stayed up late to do this last night.

After many attempts and tissue wastage...... (thank goodness tissues are cheap) ....
Managed to come out with these....... Nice right?.. (if you don't zoom in ^^)
Thought of 2 partners and made some extra for them to give their moms. Not sure if they will use it or not. But nevermind la, just make only. Don't wanna waste my "感动" ("inspiration"? don't know how to call it exactly in english)
And of course, handmade cards. Thanks to Marlene for lending me the stamps on such short notice. This is for grandma. Love this paper from Valerie. ^^
This is for mom. More vintage feel.
And these are for the 2 partners :) Playing around with distress inks. Fun fun fun~!
Oh wow, look at the time~!... I'm late for work!... will be back tonight and blog more about the day..... see ya!


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Hey, i love the pinky paper flowers! They look so lovely! and also the cards!