Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baked Chicken Tonight~!

I worked opening shift today and got to get home early. And so I took the opportunity to cook dinner. As for dinner, I decided to cook something light and healthy - baked chicken and vegetables. When I told one of my partners at work today, he, being a culinary grad, suggested that I baked it with Mirepoix to give the chicken better texture. He got me really inspired~! ^^

And so I prepared the Mirepoix - 60% onions, 20% carrots and 20% celeries. Chopped and laid a layer on the baking pan.
Chicken marinated with mixed herbs, soya sause, ground black pepper and olive oil. The chicken is added on top of the Mirepoix and set to baked under 220 degC for 15 minutes (turning after 8 minutes)
While waiting for the chicken to bake. I prepared the vegetables. Expecting the corn and potato to take longer time to cook, I boiled them first to get them half cook.
And the chicken almost done.
I added in the vegetables on top of the chicken and bake for another 8-10 minutes.
During the final baking, I prepared this gravy - instant ready mix :p
and *Ting~!*.... Chicken's done. Lay everything on a plate and ....... Dinner is served :)
I'm quite pleased with the outcome and family enjoyed it. To add on, no frying was involved and breast meat was used. Feels healthy. Hehehe. ^^


Eve said...

wow! so yummy pictures~ hope u enjoy your meal, Sheerah...

honeybee916 said...

yummy...wanna try it out too... cheers

J@iM3 said...

hey, i din know you are a good cook! I enjoy cooking too...maybe next time we can exchange recipe...cheers~