Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Mother's Day - the 3rd celebration after I've moved back to Miri ^^ I cherish spending time with my family a times of celebrations. I thank God over and over again for my family :)

Our simple celebration started with chicken rice lunch @ "老朋友" (behind parkson). Grandma's treat again. Seriously, their chicken rice is AWESOME~! If any of you Mirians has never been there, I highly recommend you to check it out :D

Then grandma treated AGAIN..... Big apple donuts.... YUM YUM YUM....
Back home, Jo started her baking - Pumpkin cake. As usual, all the women in the house, except me (i'm photographer ba :p), got involved.
And the cake..... SUPER YUMMY~!!!! We all loved it ^^
Picture time~! :D (After giving them my cards and flowers)
Grandma loves her flowers ^^ (*satisfied*) I love this picture. Isn't she just the cutest? ^^

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beautifulcloud said...

So proud of my girls ;) I thank God for you and thank you for loving your grandma, my mother :)