Monday, May 24, 2010

Rest Day 24.05.10

Seriously down with migraine.... Urgh~! It got pretty bad last night and I had to leave early from work. After 7 months in Sbux, this is my first MC. However, I am thankful for it, as without it, I wouldn't have known how considerate my partners (Joyce, Esther and Jeremy) are, who offered to help me finish my closing tasks. It made me feel so warm.

However, my day got better with Mummy's home made burgers. I don't have much appetite but it still taste pretty damn good :) I only took pictures when most of it is done already, so missed out the meat making process part. :p K nuff said, let the picture do the rest of the talking... :)

Mummy slicing the bread
Butter spreaded...... mmmm............
Pan fried a little...... ^^
The fillings :)
Everything put together
and whoalah~! yum yum yum
Grandma: you want some? ^^
*chomp! chomp! chomp!*
After only 15 minutes :p
Then after just sat in the living room and relax. I like sitting next to grandma cuz I can hold her hand like this. And once in a while she'll squeeze my hand. Her legs are weak but damn, her grab is so strong that sometimes I can almost hear my knuckles :p
^^ Hehehe

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