Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Birthday - Part 6

Wow, didn't expect that I get to post my birthday until "part 6". Yea, this post is unexpected. My birthday is over for a week already, and I still get blessings and surprises. Last Saturday, I got this cute little present from SiiKeng and Sin Ai from Pandan fellowship. Guess what is it? Kenot guess leh? Hahaha. This is so cute until kenot ah! Until I kenot not love it. Thanks u guys for remembering me :) I'm very touched.
Later that Sunday, Chia asked me out to treat me dinner ^^ Being as greedy as I could be, I'm happy as usual kena belanja eat "hao liao". Hahaha. We had dinner at Fireman in Jaya one, where I have my piano class. Jaya One is a nice place to chill. No shopping though, only eating places and offices. But good thing is, its not as crowded as those shopping malls on a Sunday night. Before dinner, we chilled out at starbucks. Here are some shots to share.

My Birthday - Part 5

I got the pic from Ahui's camera. Not bad I would say, not bad... Ahui's skill getting better ^^ So, here are more photos to share with my readers :) Most of them are only me (yikes...not quite biasa being center of a camera's attention..) So, here you'll find shots of my birthday song (yep, young dreams sing for me in the restaurant :P), cutting the "cake" and me showing off my present. Hahaha.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Cadbury in Disguise

Tomorrow @ Pandan youth fellowship we will be celebrating birthdays for sept - april babies. Ya, its a long stretch because we missed out the sept - dec batch last year. Oops :p Oh well, I'm partially in charge of this, and iIm responsible for the gifts / cards. I thought of making cards at first, but then I came out with another idea which save more time and something new - decorated candy bars!! Oh, forgot to mention I got the inspiration from Kurtis' blog. Yep, hidden behind these fancy papers are nothing more than cadbury chocolate bars. Hehehe. I took off the original wrapping, keep the foil, and designed another wrapping of my own. Not sure if everybody are into chocolates, but I hope they'll like these "cadbury in disguise" :)

My First Order (Part 3)

Ok, continuing my framed art projects. This is for the dining room, which is painted in sky blue. I picked blue, white and black as the combination. I find them not as striking as the last 2 I would say. Guess I need to try harder for the kitchen then :P

Today I feel kinda blue just like these pics here because my camera broke down. I have the last batch of pictures of another project which I will post later, then after that I guess I would not be able to post pictures here for a while :(

60 Earth Hour

VOTE EARTH by simply switching off your lights for one hour, and join the world for Earth Hour.

Saturday, March 28, 8:30-9:30pm (Local time wherever you live on planet earth).

I will be at church this time. I really hope we can do it :) How about you? Will you join us to Vote Earth?

Click here for more info.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

and.... more cards in March

Following with Kwernerdesign's color inspiration #46, I had more ideas to make card with this combination of colors. I've decided to sell these, but my shop is not quite setup yet :P Oh well, just share the pictures here first lah.. Hehehe.
Card Stock: Brazzill - egg plant, raven, waterfall, and sorry I don't have the name for the pink.

Pattern paper: UrbanLily - Urban Rock Star Collection/Rock Chic

Stamps: SU - Enjoy every moment

Ink: Crafter's - Black

Others: 5mm black brads, scallop edge scissors, black ribbon

Card Stock: Brazzill - egg plant, raven, and sorry I don't have the name for the pink.

Pattern paper: UrbanLily - Urban Rock Star Collection/Rock Chic

Stamps: Happy Birthday (self-designed)

Ink: Crafter's - Black

Others: 5mm black brads, black ribbon, black square clip, crafter's flower punch

March 09 - Show us your Sheetload

Found myself another challenge to participate in. I find these challenges inspiring and very fun! So this is a sheetload layout challenge. Very unique. I would never have thought of combining 2 triangles like that. And here is my card - my very first square card too.

Card Stock: Brazzill - Brazzill white, Brown, Tomato, LT Chow, Craft

Pattern Paper: Chatterbox - Scrapbook walls/Dark Choc Swirl

Stamp: SU - Yummy, Botanical Blooms

Ink: Crafter's - Black, Versacraft - Poppy Red, Versamagic - Jumbo Java

Others: Red ribbon, Brown 5mm Brad, Black Button, Silver Flower Brad, KSR - Tawpe 5cm Flower

Shiny Penny Blog Candy

Terrie E. is giving away one of the prizes she won as her blog candy. How sweet is that? This is a brand new Background Basic Retro set from Papertrey InkNeways, for those who are interested, click here for more details. Good luck!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blog Candy Winner Revealed

Wow, I got 23 comments for my blog candy post. Before this the most comments I get is 6 per post, and out of the 6, probably 2 are my own comments. Haha. This time 23!! Wow,... I'm not sure whether its the blog candy, or the inspiration challenge. Hehe. Anyways, I'm glad people are dropping by blog. Thank you guys :)

So I browsed through my comments and the below are the ones qualified: (sorry for those who left your comment after 22nd March 2009 :p)

1. Shuttermom
2. Cria
3. Karen
4. Shelley G in Lowa
5. Joan
6. Marlene
7. Tiffany Heilman
8. Winter
9. Sylvia
10. Terrie E.
11. Ming Yung
12. Stacet Schafer
13. rachelcapps
14. Evelyn
15. Lindsay
16. Kelly Marie
17. Karla
18. Michaela

I ran the numbers randomly at RANDOM.ORG and the WINNER is.......

Terrie, if you are reading this, please email me your postal address so I can send this card to you. :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me / Color Inspiration Challenge #46

Note: This blog candy is now closed.

Today (20th March) is my birthday and I'm enjoying every moment of it so far :) I'll blog more about it in my next post. ^^ For my birthday, I have received a lot of wishes, greetings, gifts, cards etc. Its really nice receiving stuff but I figure its also nice giving stuff. So, I'm giving away the card I make on my birthday as my very first blog candy :)

To stand a chance to get this card, just leave a comment for this post sharing your most memorable birthday experiece before 22nd March 2009, 11.59pm. Then i will 'lucky draw' out the lucky card owner :) For those who do not have a blogspot account, please add in your email address in the comment ^^

This card is made from the inspiration of Kwernerdesign color challenge for this week. It is a lovely combination of pink, blue and black. Very sweet. So here is my card. Super simple one.

Card stock: Brazzill - Brazzill White, Raven, and sorry I dont have the name for the dark pink color

Pattern Paper: UrbanLily - Urban Rock Star Collection/Rock Chic

Stamp: SU - Botanical Blooms

Ink: Crafter's Pigment Ink - Black

Others: Black 5mm brad, pink ribon, scallop punch, 1 1/4" circle punch, 1 3/8" punch

My Birthday - Part 4

Ok, this will be the final post for my birthday :) My brother not only remembers my birthday, he asked me out :) Due to the inconveniency, we hardly see other in KL. So I'm glad my birthday could be a reason we meet up. Hahaha. Chris suggested Karaoke which i thought it's a good idea bacause tt's been a while since I went to K already. So we ended up at Neway Karaoke @ One U. With dinner buffet, we ate our hearts out, and sang our lungs out. Wat a treat and man, my brother can scream!.... Hahaha. Its great meeting him up, and Chris too. They brought along 2 other friends, Alan and Bala (an indian that speaks flawless chinese!). Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me guys :)

Other than all these celebrations, I have received numerous sms, msn, and facebook messages. I feel very blessed and loved. Thank you Lord for everybody you've put in my life and may You bless them richly. Thanks to all (yes, even the shortest sms counts!) who has made this day special for me.

My Birthday - Part 3

I had a little surprise for my parents during my birthday this year. I arranged with Ruidi, who's in Miri, to deliver a bouquet of flowers and a card to my parents for me. I posted the card to him before that and he ordered the flowers for me. This is to show my appreciation to my parents for bringing me to this world. Thank you Ruidi for making this happen. The flowers are lovely. I really appreciate it. Also, thanks to Marlene for the idea. I actually copied her idea. Thanks to Jo, for taking the picture and video for me ^^ I know I'm very ngim jim la. Your flowers ah, next year la.... during your birthday la...Hahaha. And last but not least, thank you Ah Di, Ah Mi.. Thanks for the birthday song (they sang to me over the phone - all so loud and clear, that I was paiseh, if anyone in my office could hear... :p) Anyways, thanks for everything, I love you.

Here is a video and some pictures to share.

My Birthday - Part 2

I had my birthday dinner with Young Dreams @ Nando's Pavillion KL. I've had Nando's once and I was craving for its peri peri taste. So we decided to have dinner there. Also, out of coincidence that Ahui was in town for a training conference. Pity him to rush here though. He looked really tired. After dinner, we went for a movie - Tale of Despereaux. Very very cute mouse. Love the animation and graphics. Neways, I'm grateful for Young Dreams, who has never failed to remember my birthday :) I thank God for bringing us together and our friendship all these years. Here are some pictures to share. I got more pictures at Ah Hui's camera. Will update again. Stay tuned ^^

Iggy & Yvonne got me a very sweet gift. First of all, really nice wrapping paper :) The present is nothing fancy and nothing expensive (I think the frame didnt cost much), but I'll treasure it. You'll understand why later as you read along :) The gift is a picture we (Young Dreams) took recently in Miri, couple days before Chinese New Year. Being scattered around in Miri and KL all these years, we hardly could gather with all 6 of us together, let alone get a complete picture. This year, by God's grace, we had the chance to meet up and take a complete picture. Time flies and wow, its been 10 years already! Over the years, many things have changed - our life, our partners, our job, our 'size' (oops :P), our goals, our perspectives..... but some things remain the same. Our friendship didnt change, our determination to pursue our dreams didnt change and definitely our pose didnt change! Hahaha. 10 years already and still that 'cow' pose!! I wonder how we'd look like as we pose like this when we are seventy! Oh, special thanks for Yvonne for taking this lovely picture for us. This is precious. I've put it on my desk, where I spend 80% of my time at home. :)

Also later I realized, this picture is our last picture of Young Dreams as 6 singles. Few days after this picture was taken, Ruidi got married :) Congrats dude.