Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cards in March

It's been a while since I've been blogging. Been making cards though, just lazy to blog 'em. Hehehe. So, finally I started organizing some of my pictures and decided to post up my card in March. All of these below have been sent out already :) And as you see, I'm not disclosing the addressee this time as I usually do because all of them have yet to receive my sn@il mail and I would not want them to find out from here and spoil the excitment of receiving mail. I don't know about you, but I'm thrilled to bits when I find letters/cards for me in the mail box instead of bills. Hehehe. Ok, I just realized I've 'blah'-ed a lot just on my intro. Oh well, probably the side effects of not blogging for more than 10 days!!... Hahaha.

And so, here goes. My first card is for a new blog friend I've known lately :) Her birthday is in this month, so I decided to send her this little card. Hope she likes blue. Oh by the way, you might see a lot of blue stuffs from me for a while now cuz I just bought a whole bunch of blue papers and brads. Hah! ;p

This card is for a dear dear friend whose birthday also falls on March. I will tell more story about this card after she receives it. If not she'll definitely find out. Probably she already knows if she's reading this. I made a little personalized gift for her too ^^

This is for another new blogging friend :) Very bold and daring colors I would say. Hope she likes it.
And this - pinky pretty - is for a dear friend who sent me my birthday present sooooo early this year. Hahaha. My birthday is not due for another couple of weeks, and I have received 3 gifts already ^^ I feel so loved.
And this bluezy card is for someone who was not feeling well. So I just wana send a hug.... *squeeze tight tight* Oh by the way, I copied this layout from Vivienne. Her cards are fantastic ^^ Thanks Vivienne for the idea.


Vivienne said...

wa~~new cards!!They are adorable!!!

Shera said...

wa.... vivienne.. you are fast!! @.@

marlene said...


Agnes Sim said...

OMG, so lovely. I wish i'm the reveiver le. hehe... Where u bought the blue color paper? so cheap ar?

Shera said...

heya gals.. thanks for dropping by and leaving comments. they are great motivations for me. oh agnes, I bot my papers at scrap n crop. Guess you're familiar with them too :) No special promo or anything. I'm just on blue fever tat's all :p

J@iM3 said...

nice cards you have did a great job in March!! hehe :)
Blue is cool & nice color!