Monday, March 2, 2009

Sister's Day @ Pandan

This post is dedicated to all brothers and sisters of Pandan - ex or present. I love you all.

Last Saturday our fellowship program was Sister's Day. It sure was a fun day - for sisters at least. Hey guys, don't sulk la. I'm sure you guys enjoyed it too... admit it!!... Hahaha. We had multiple games to them to compete between 2 groups, which at the end of the day become one group to withstand us sisters :P 团结就是力量 yo!

A bit too much to elaborate on all the games, so I just decide to post some fun pictures and videos here. Sorry for the not so good quality of it, especially the drawing part. However, thanks a million to Ming Yong. You are so generous to lend your hp to capture all these. These are precious :)


marlene said...

HAHAHAHA! Beware sisters - if Brother's Day not arrive yet! Hahahahaha

Shera said...

oops, dint thought of that. YIKES! ahahha

Kii said...


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I hope you do not mind that I used the photo directly from your blog but I linked back to your website after the picture, hope that is ok.

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Ignitius said...

Revenge of the Fallen!!..Muahahahaha!! (Evil Laugh)...nah..just kidding... Anyway, it was fun! Please use Maybank!! We support Maybank!! haha

Shera said...

hey iggy!! thanks for dropping by. Maybank!!.. Hahaha... ROAR!!! Good one dude.