Sunday, March 15, 2009

Card Making Workshop @ Pandan - The Productions

Ok, here comes the detailed photos. First let me show you our messy work station. Haha. Thinking what good could come out of this mess??

Taaadddaaahhhh...................... I'm very pleased with all of them ^^ They really show heart in making them. Not only that, they show creativity too. If you compare their cards with mine, most of them are way different already. Even those who decided to follow my layout, they made an initiative effort to change something - like stamp the words in the middle, shift the scallop, tilt the patterned paper a bit... I wouldn't have thought of some of the ways they did the layout and color combination. Many even recycled the scallope-punched paper too because they think its too nice to throw away (*touched*)

And talking about scallops, a little thank you note to Marlene for helping me get the punches for and to Marcus for the trouble of bringing them back for me ^^. The scallop and circle combination plays a significant role in these lovely cards. Thanks for making this happen for us.

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Joan said...

every ppl got their own style.... good job!!