Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Birthday - Part 3

I had a little surprise for my parents during my birthday this year. I arranged with Ruidi, who's in Miri, to deliver a bouquet of flowers and a card to my parents for me. I posted the card to him before that and he ordered the flowers for me. This is to show my appreciation to my parents for bringing me to this world. Thank you Ruidi for making this happen. The flowers are lovely. I really appreciate it. Also, thanks to Marlene for the idea. I actually copied her idea. Thanks to Jo, for taking the picture and video for me ^^ I know I'm very ngim jim la. Your flowers ah, next year la.... during your birthday la...Hahaha. And last but not least, thank you Ah Di, Ah Mi.. Thanks for the birthday song (they sang to me over the phone - all so loud and clear, that I was paiseh, if anyone in my office could hear... :p) Anyways, thanks for everything, I love you.

Here is a video and some pictures to share.


marlene said...

i love this! i hope this "culture" can spread all over the place :) Showing appreciation, showing love. I thank God for my parents and siblings as well :)

marlene said...

wa.. the most funny is the "LEN (人)" ! So SARAWAKIAN!!!!!!! like "ZHE(热)"!!! Feel so home!

God bless your family!