Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Birthday - Part 4

Ok, this will be the final post for my birthday :) My brother not only remembers my birthday, he asked me out :) Due to the inconveniency, we hardly see other in KL. So I'm glad my birthday could be a reason we meet up. Hahaha. Chris suggested Karaoke which i thought it's a good idea bacause tt's been a while since I went to K already. So we ended up at Neway Karaoke @ One U. With dinner buffet, we ate our hearts out, and sang our lungs out. Wat a treat and man, my brother can scream!.... Hahaha. Its great meeting him up, and Chris too. They brought along 2 other friends, Alan and Bala (an indian that speaks flawless chinese!). Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me guys :)

Other than all these celebrations, I have received numerous sms, msn, and facebook messages. I feel very blessed and loved. Thank you Lord for everybody you've put in my life and may You bless them richly. Thanks to all (yes, even the shortest sms counts!) who has made this day special for me.

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J@iM3 said...

shera's, Happy Birthday. Sorry for wishing you late. Hope you have a fantastic time during that week. I guess your blog has explained well, you should have a great & awesome birthday and a very memorable one :)