Thursday, March 19, 2009

My First Order (Part 2)

The night before, I got so excited making my first series of 'handmade framed art' (that's what I'll call it before I find a fancy name for it :p), that I continued to work on the series for bedroom yesterday. The bedroom is purple color, what kind exactly I'm not sure. I got an inspiration from the patterned paper to mix it with light green. And so I did, a combination of my most (purple) and least (green) favourite colors. Turns out the combination is not bad ey?.. Not bad at all!...Now I'm starting to think green is not that bad after all. ^^

So this is my second project. And my first order shipment went out today! Wooohooo..... Laochen, check for poslaju tomorrow! ^^


marlene said...

很有心思的作品 :) 漂亮!美丽!

Ciyou said...

looks great~~ i think i can use this idea to deco my future new house

Agnes Sim said...

yo.. so beautiful le... U're so creative. ;-)