Friday, March 27, 2009

My First Order (Part 3)

Ok, continuing my framed art projects. This is for the dining room, which is painted in sky blue. I picked blue, white and black as the combination. I find them not as striking as the last 2 I would say. Guess I need to try harder for the kitchen then :P

Today I feel kinda blue just like these pics here because my camera broke down. I have the last batch of pictures of another project which I will post later, then after that I guess I would not be able to post pictures here for a while :(


Rachfaith said...

this is just awesome!!!!!

Shera said...

hey there rach.... thanks for dropping by ^^ this is for my friend's new home :)

Agnes Sim said...

i like this series also. Like i'm under the sea. hehe... so freedom. :p