Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Birthday - Part 6

Wow, didn't expect that I get to post my birthday until "part 6". Yea, this post is unexpected. My birthday is over for a week already, and I still get blessings and surprises. Last Saturday, I got this cute little present from SiiKeng and Sin Ai from Pandan fellowship. Guess what is it? Kenot guess leh? Hahaha. This is so cute until kenot ah! Until I kenot not love it. Thanks u guys for remembering me :) I'm very touched.
Later that Sunday, Chia asked me out to treat me dinner ^^ Being as greedy as I could be, I'm happy as usual kena belanja eat "hao liao". Hahaha. We had dinner at Fireman in Jaya one, where I have my piano class. Jaya One is a nice place to chill. No shopping though, only eating places and offices. But good thing is, its not as crowded as those shopping malls on a Sunday night. Before dinner, we chilled out at starbucks. Here are some shots to share.


marlene said...

fuiyoh~ :)

:) luckily me not there.. else you gonna post part 7 liao :p

Shera said...

hahahaa..... then after that I need to make a 'keep fit' post... :P

Agnes Sim said...

hey...8gua yi xia. Is tat your bf? hehe

Shera said...

haha... agnes, used to be :P