Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Birthday - Part 1

My birthday this year is filled with pleasant surprises. I didnt expect to celebrate even, but turns out that even before my birthday, I started receiving gifts liao @.@. I feel so loved. I thank God for the angels he sent in my life. Also I would like to take a moment to share my joy and thank the people who make this day special for me.

A month before my birthday I received this wonderful gift from my best friend, Audrey. All the way from Ausi man!!.... Its a DIY calendar!... Black and White.. very nice. Plus, the chick card is really cute. Love it to bits!! I havent started decorating it tho. Always busy making stuff for other people, that I normally push back stuff for my own. Hmmm... really shud start working on this project hor? If not, I'll regret it. Haha.. Neways, thanks GeeYiing!!!
This is a touching gift from my sis. Why? Because this face mask cost like 20% of her monthly pay!!.... From this I know my sister is very generous to me ^^I have facial problems since forever, and she not only recommended this, but bought it for me. This was polaju-ed to me also like a month before my birthday :)
And this..... very touching gift"s" are from Marlene. I received these in three separate moments. Stamps were brought back by Marcus, card by post, and prayer by call!..... The stamps - I love them! I have yet to use all of them. I will slowly make full use of all of them :) The card - she made a mistake posting it, as should be handed to me together with the stamps. But now I come to think of it, I do prefer receiving it by post. Its fun and exciting receiving snail mails..... the feeling of seeing your name on an envelope is awesome. The prayer - yes Marlene, its truly the most romantic gift I've received. I am really touched that you called. Thank you!!..... Hugz.
So all that was right until my birthday strikes. As for the day itself, it started with an early ride to seremban for work. Thought of sharing a bit of my pictures here :) Yea I know, this picture is a contrast of the normal arty sweet pictures you see in my blog :p This is my work :)


marlene said...

Great leh... you seems really really loved by others because you are a beloved sister ma :) Great blessings to have good friends around.

Agnes Sim said...

wow..u got nice birthday gift from marlene. ;-)