Saturday, April 19, 2014

Blessings, blessings, and blessingssssss

There are many times when I just feel really exhausted and wonder if I can go on and make it through a week.  Then God will show me of little faith that He will provide and give extra :)  Today is just ONE example, there are still many more unlisted.  

Before setting off for Kampung Baru Pujut 7 for GBOX project, dad helped me loaded the 100 box files to the car, which I initially intended to call volunteers over to help.  He didn't just load, helped to pack according to category.  So neat!!  Oh, and mentioning about these boxes, mom and sis helped to do the stickers as well.  I would post their pictures here, but don't think they will like it as they are not properly dressed while helping out :p 

Meanwhile in the kitchen, my sis who knows I love peanut butter, is making some peanut butter cookies! Yay~! ^^

And after a tiring day, I got to come home to these yummilicious cookies.  Some are a little burnt but they are still good!

And mom made curry mee with BIG headed prawns.....soooo satisfying!

And a little something extra and unexpected, Uncle Bernard visited with some of his homecooked chicken feet... awesome, sooo awesome!!

Last but not least, I'm really thankful for the nice cold shower after such a super hot day!  After some experience of water shortage earlier, I'm learning not to take water for granted.  ^^

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