Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cheapest Digital Photo Print in Malaysia

Spent today organizing photos for 乐龄休闲站 (Elderly Station) in our church.  Even though in our digital world today with computers, smart phones, tablets, and apps like facebook, instagram etc making photo taking and photo viewing very convenient, I still like to print out my photos and view it in an album.  Same thing with books, I prefer holding an actual paper book rather than the downloaded ebook, even though its much more convenient.  I guess I'm just old school, and prefer to have something to hold and flip with my hands.     

I print my digital photos online at EOE Online where their price is cheap (RM0.30 for 4R and RM0.50 for 5R) with reasonably satisfying quality.  Photos can be uploaded manually online or using their photo express software which can be installed to your computer.  I find the manual upload really time consuming doing it one by one, so I prefer compiling my photos in a file and use the software to order.  

Another good thing about it is shipping is FREE within Malaysia for orders above RM35.00 which I think is easy to hit (117 pcs of 4R).  And poslaju is used so its FAST!  Generally in Miri photo printing shops, 4R cost RM1.00 for small numbers (think its less than 10) and RM0.60 for larger numbers, which is still double the price.  However they only use glossy paper for all prints except for 11R and 12R where matte paper is used.  This is the only draw back for me as I personally prefer matte print :) 

Anyways, just thought this is something worth sharing.. hope you find this helpful if you like to print photos like me ^^ 

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