Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Recycling Scraps Again

Whenever I make a card, I'll start with an idea of a layout in my head.  I'll o, ok, I think this would look nice like this.  However, quite often halfway throughout the process, I'll go...  oh, seems not right and it's not gonna work this way.  I would have had pieces stuck together, sometimes stamped or punched here and there but don't know how to go on from there.  Then I'll leave it there and maybe I'll come back to that afterwards (which can say NEVER happened) and start all over on a new card.  So over the years, I've piled up quite a big pile of these made-halfway-scraps and its only getting more and more.  So I challenged myself again... to create using that pile and this card is one of the results of the challenge.  Also, this is my second entry for Simon Says Stamp Blog Wednesday Challenge of ANYTHING GOES WITH BUTTONS.

The scrap part is the middle part with the two piece of paper glued together with the washi tapes.  What I did was I machine sew the first card's edges (not well sewn...oops :p), added stamped and punched out butterflies (which are from the pile too), and handstamped some sentiments to it.  Then I glued the whole thing to a card stock and finished it off using button touch-ups.  

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