Monday, April 21, 2014

Handmade Recycled Paper Batch #007

During my birthday last month, my sweet friend Esther gave me my present wrapped in this sweet pokka-greyish wrapping paper.  It was her birthday last week and so I thought of recycling the wrapping paper and make a card for her.  

I started with just the wrapping paper and milk carton paper.  I made like 3 pieces of paper using just these.

After that, I thought of making things a little bit more interesting by adding my patterned paper scraps.  Also I started adding some toilet paper roll to give it a little brown... but it makes the scraps colors less obvious though.

And finally on the last few pieces, I added some coffee grounds of my recent brew :)

And these are the dried outcome.  I like the plain white ones just with the wrapping paper and I use that to make the card for Esther.  Gonna blog about the card in the next post :D

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