Thursday, April 17, 2014

GBOX Sunday School Prep

GBOX is having a six weeks Sunday School program as a follow up project the kids we reached out last year at Kampung Baru Pujut 7.  I am responsible to prepare one of the week's lesson with the theme of 'Faith'.  After some research, I decided to use the story of Jesus walking on water.  Well, I've never taught any kids before, so this is my first time prepare a lesson plan for kids, let alone a Sunday school one with crafts.  Wow, it's seriously not as easy as I thought it would be!  Does require a lot of thoughts and work in it.  Anyways, I tried out the crafts myself to have an idea of the time required and also to be aware of any difficulties which might occur, and........... these are my works.  Kinda have fun making them, makes me feel like a kid again :) 

And Jun came over to help me with the box file stickers.... always a blessing to have an extra hand!! ^^


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hey kaki~! welcome back to my blog.... glad to find you here too ^^