Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday 2014

This will be a back dated post.  Wana blog this because I want to remember this day :D 
 Easter Sunday started with Sunday service at church, with Rev Xia's sermon reminding us that good news could come from the grave.  Because He lives, we have a reason to live :) 

During the afternoon, GBOX had an egg distribution event at Kampung Baru Pujut 7, together with photos of the classes we took the day before.  I was in charged of red eggs.... and this is my first time to suceed in dying eggs.  So satisfied ^^  I used to fail dying them properly, always my hands were all red before the eggs are.  Actually it's REAL simple....vinegar is the solution! Recipe HERE

It was a fruitful day distributing the eggs and see the charming smiles on the kids faces.... Urgh I forgot to take pictures!!!  At the end of the day, my sweet Dad organized a BBQ dinner at church for GBOX volunteers.  Yummy!!!!  What a blessed day! ^^  Thank you Daddy, thank you Lord. 

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