Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Taiwan (Taipei) Trip 2013

We had a visit to Taipei September 2013, mainly to visit an old friend of my dad, Uncle Nam Boo and his wife.  It was a first time to Taiwan for all of us (mum, dad, sis and me).  Since Aunty Xiao Lan is a local, they KNOW where to bring us, for beautiful places and good food.  They even shared their home with us so we didn't have to worry about accomodation and drove us almost EVERYWHERE, so we didn't have to worry about transport.  Also they applied leave from work so they could bring us around.  We were really touched by their gestures and also we enjoyed spending time with them.  It was such an enjoyable and memorable trip that we all look forward to visit Taiwan again.    

I compiled our travel pictures into 2 photobooks (as slides below) and plan to give them one set a thank you gift.  I designed the photobook using Photobook Malaysia and the Snapshot ready template.  First thought of sharing as pictures, but then there is a lot of pages which might take up a lot of space.  And so I thought, why not try find one of the free photo slides website.  After googling, I gave Photosnack a try.  However, since I'm using it for free, embeded slides can only consist up to 15 photos.  Well this is still good enough for me, as I just  need break up my pictures a bit, which is not a lot of work.

Now I can't wait for the photobooks to arrive and also to send to them.  This is kinda late (over half a year after), but I hope they will like it.  Our wonderful memories for this trip belongs to them too.

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