Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mom's Birthday Dinner

For Mom's birthday celebration, we had dinner at home with close family and friends.  Dinner was simple but warm filled with chatter & laughter all night long.  It's moments like this that make me not regret giving up my KL life to come back here.  Neways, just some pictures to share here, hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the evening :)
 Jo & I made red eggs :)

 Uncle Dan cook the traditional foochow mee sua

 a group photo before makan.  people showing off their drumsticks =.=

 As usual, Jo baked.  A little dry, but taste is good ^^

 Mother & Daughter

 And more friends came to share the joy

 Happy Birthday to You~!!

 This took quite a while :p

 My naughty grandma

 Grandma laughing out loud after being caught on the act

 and cutting the cake

Checkin' out the card I made her.  Will post that in another post :)

 Aunty LiXiang was just back from her China trip and made her way over straight away, with gifts from China.  Mom was touched.

 Magnet bookmarks from the kids 

and last but not least...... Champagne, erm I mean sparkling juice ^^

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